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Why Businesses Now Choose Digital Printing To Offset Printing

Maybe you once came across digital printing some other time.
Was it when you asked your printer to help you furnish your printing project?
Or perhaps across the internet.
Or maybe it’s a new word.

Don’t worry. I am going to explain in this article

1) what is offset printing?
2)and what is digital printing?

Let’s get into history a little bit.

What Is Offset Printing?

Offset printing was created in England in 1875 by Robert Barclay.
The offset uses aluminum plates. These images transfer images into a rubber plate. However, Offset is time-consuming because of edits and proofing. Image quality is complex, with a little bit of blotching some time.


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What Is Digital Printing?

Digital Printing was inverted in 1993 by Benny Landa. Ink is calligraphed undeviatingly into a substrate. The image needed is sent through PDF straight to the printer. Nevertheless, Digital printing fabricates high-quality photos. It is time effective, and today most printing companies in Johannesburg are digital printing companies.

Digital Printing Johannesburg is one of the best digital printing companies in Johannesburg. We have to deliver quality prints to our clients for a long time now.

We have the zeal to quench our customer’s thirst for excellent prints.
That is why our mother, Proxel International, created different branches which include, Digital Printing Johannesburg.

If it comes to speed, we give credit to the advanced digital printing machines we use. We deliver fast. We meet deadlines scheduled because we don’t want to keep you waiting.


Digital Printing in Johannesburg

Why Would You Choose  A Digital Printing Johnnesburg Company?


  1. We make a full-color print. We offer a variety, so all you have to do is choose from our collection of designs. We want to make your dream prints come true
  2. We create unique value prints only for our clients. Because they deserve to enjoy the legacy of digital technology. Our printers support glossy finish, texture print, therefore adding more significance to the printed materials.
  3. We offer fast delivery. We print on demand. We schedule deadlines with our clients. We meet the deadline
  4. We work as a team. With us, your work is handled as teamwork. It reduces errors. Not only are we a group, but we are experienced printers and graphic designers with one mission.
  5. We offer affordable prices. Just because we offer affordable printing prices does not give room for excuses to present quality compromised products. We offer high-quality prints from an affordable amount. Get a free quotation now.
  6. We are green. We respect the environment we live in. Hence, we use inkjet among, other printing machines that control ink wastage.

Get a free consultation with us before you place an order with us. We also offer a case study. Contact us today via email at
or call us at 011 7888 905. Or visit at 27 Rawbone Str, Johannesburg, 2091


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