Desktop Calendars

2021 Desktop Calendars

Calendas in sizes from A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 sizes to any size you might want to order. Our Desktop calendars are the perfect gift for the New Year. We advise that desktop calendars be for office use for it improves organization efficiency when planning your day to day tasks.

Whether you want a calendar for your wall or desk we certainly have you covered.

What is so special about our calendars?

Digital Printing Sandton is certainly regarded as the best low cost providers for calendars We certainly believe that advertisement can be done in many different forms of printing, that includes Calendars.   A calendar is something that lasts the whole year. Clients forever remember the services provided by the company on the calendar.

So we provide different types of calendars Our calendar printing quality is suitable for companies and households. We print  desk planners, wall calendars and also multi sheet calendars.

Get our different sizes of calendar printing services. We print A6,A5,A4,A3,A2,A1,A0 to any size of calendar . In-house we also have the best photographic designs provided by our graphic designers to ensure that we give our best printing quality.


Wall Calendars

Sized from A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 sizes to any size of calendar you might want to order.  Our wall calendars are most certainly great for hanging in any office or home. Wall calendars are easy to pin in the wall and have a quick glance view. Wall calendars offers a room to write appointments and notes.

We supply bulk calendars to other calendar printing shops, also and countries. Get your creative juices flowing and think of the best way to engage your target audience with a great wall calendar. A good place to start is to consider what you would personally find attractive; what type of calendar would you hang-up? Vivid imagery is a good way to make a “keeper”. Another option is to provide useful info-graphics that will appeal to your clientele. If you have access to an illustrator or comedian, consider incorporating humor.

Our designers can help you with your custom needs. If you don’t have a concept in mind, but still want to produce a dynamic calendar, we have a selection of pre-designed theme wall calendars that will stand out from the crowd. We can add any of your text, logo, and contact information free of charge. Attractive wall calendars are a fantastic way to reach out to your customer base. When you are ready to invest, we are here to help your custom calendar be a great success.

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